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The Top Cat features our most complex board design, created specifically to get you close to the ground while cruising, carving and sliding. Your board will gain a few battle scars from being so close to the ground, and with the cleverly designed chamfered edges, the board can scrape the ground endlessly without getting damaged. Easy to push and hard carving, the Top Cat is the result of years of development creating an incredibly capable, all-new model for 2023. The most rocker we’ve ever built into a board creates a surfy, slidy longboard that is truly unique in the world. The graphic is see-through, revealing veneers dyed in red, yellow, and blue, creating a 5-color fade. This technique guarantees that every deck is completely one of a kind. One of our favorite aspects of the ride is bouncing it off the ground while carving. As the graphic scrapes away, it reveals more colors, creating an ever-changing look. A comfy, easy to ride platform that will be a wicked addition to your quiver, the Top Cat will provide you with a unique feeling and bring you a riding experience you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the cats’ pajamas!