Gavin and Joel holding a giant skateboard

Challenges and Rewards of Owning a Winnipeg Skateboard Company

Imagine you went to work every day doing something rewarding that you were truly passionate about. Those jobs can be rare, so rather than searching for that elusive role you could create your own. That’s exactly what Portage la Prairie’s Gavin Barrett and Joel Baker did, opening Scam Skate on Graham Avenue in downtown Winnipeg. Their business didn’t start out in a typical way though, as they were only two grade 11 students who decided to start printing t-shirts. The custom designs became popular in their high school and they soon got their products onto the shelves in a local skate shop. These guys were onto something, and they didn’t stop there. Rolling up their sleeves as true entrepreneurs, they graduated and began to make custom skateboards, longboards and more apparel for their sport. In 2013, Scam Skate was born and has been growing ever since. Priding themselves on their craftsmanship and customer service, the guys ensure every board leaves the shop with very high standard. They design all the merchandise themselves and make each board by hand, often going above and beyond the typical industry standards. They tell us that the quality of the wood can make a real difference in a deck, so they ensure their supply is inspected and chosen carefully. The materials are precision cut and then pressed in machined forms for a perfect bond to cure properly, inside the forms to make for a better end product. Adhering to such quality standards is impressive since every business knows that time equals money. Their happy customers are what is truly important to them, and that will continue to bring great success for this Manitoba duo.



We Scam Artists are proud of our work. It is our policy to ensure that all boards that leave our door are of the highest quality. That is why we use 100% hand-inspected hardrock CANADIAN maple in all of our decks. The majority of our boards are CNC cut, ensuring accuracy down to fractions of a millimetre. Our boards are pressed between machined forms for 12 hours each, guaranteeing a perfect bond between veneers and an in-press cure (Many companies remove boards from the press once the adhesive has set, and let it cure without pressure). We pride ourselves in keeping customers happy, contact us if you experience any trouble with your board and we'll do our best to help you out.


Scam Skate began in 2009 when two Portage la Prairie high-school kids, Gavin and Joel, decided to start printing t-shirts. They bought their first screen printing setup when they were in grade 11, and started a line of shirts that featured simple characters they designed while in class. The character shirts started to gain popularity in the school, and eventually weaselled their way into the local skateshop, Platform Skate. After high-school, the partners began to build longboards and add them to Scam's line of products. In 2013, Scam Skate incorporated and became a legal business. Scam Skate has continued to increase in popularity and demand, encouraging Gavin and Joel to continually increase their product quality and production capacity. Now, Scam Skate boasts over 40 unique products and happy customers across Canada.