Tony Danza Logo | Complete | 39.9"

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Length: 39.9
Width: 8.5
Wheelbase: 22.75

This is the best thing to happen to the Tony Danza since sliced bread. The new Logo Graphic is a nice refresher to the Tony Danza which is now a staple in our lineup. Our in-house designers knocked it out of the park. Don’t worry if it gets scratched, it just means you are riding the board hard which is what it’s designed for. The Tony Danza Logo isn’t just a top-notch dancing board, it can also slide, carve, cruiser, commute, you name it! Great for beginners because of its stability and great for expert riders for its versatility, it truly is an incredible ride.

The Tony Danza is a flexy longboard shape designed specifically for freestyle and longboard dancing. At 39.9″ long by 8.5″ wide and with griptape only where you need it, this board is perfectly suited to riders who are looking for a board that will flip faster and with less effort than a wider dancing board. A favourite of team riders like Carla Javier-Brea, this board opens up a lot of technical possibilities due to its light weight and compact size. The Tony Danza uses a 7 ply Canadian Maple construction to give a nice medium flex feel that returns lots of energy out of each turn but still gives you a confident feeling when landing tricks. The shape has been tailored perfectly to our Grizzly Gen 6 155mm trucks for lots of pop and no worries about wheelbite. The Tony Danza rolls on 63mm Fatty Hawgs to keep the complete light and rolling smooth. The narrow width and short wheelbase also make technical tricks more accessible to shorter riders or people with smaller feet. This is the perfect board to introduce younger kids to the world of freestyle and dancing.