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Kingfoam ELITE Insoles | FP | Will Barras

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The Elite Mid Insoles feature Footprint's iconic impact protection. With enhanced performance from heel to toe, these insoles will keep feet happy, so you can skate for longer.

Key Features
  • Kingfoam
  • Determining Your Foot Type
  • absorbs 90% of the impact energy
  • mid profile: 5 mm toe, 7 mm heel
  • thick skin encases foam for extreme durability
  • FluidX Protection - same formula used by NASA
  • nano technology energy absorption
  • DuraWeave-reinforced fabric top layer
  • recommended for all foot types
  • ASTM F 1614
  • Will Barras signature soles

Kingfoam - All Footprint soles are covered from heel to toe with Kingfoam, a military grade urethane that converts the force of impacts into heat. Absorbs 90% of impact energy and protects against bruises and joint damage.