Scam Skate

2021 Navigator | Complete | 34.75"

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L: 34.75" | W: 9.6" | WB: 23.5"-25.2"

The all-new Scam Skate Navigator features in-house artwork depicting a REAL TREASURE MAP that identifies the location of a $500 treasure (cash) buried somewhere in Manitoba. Customers who purchase this board will receive the full map and a message in a bottle with additional clues. Finders keepers!

TREASURE STATUS: The treasure has been found.

If you want a freeride board that will never let you down, look no further. Comfortable concave, rigid construction and all of the love in the world have gone into the development of this board. Let the 2021 Navigator lead you to the treasure you've been looking for! 

-34.75" x 9.6"

-Many Wheelbase Options

-Comfortable W Concave

-Light Rocker

-Bear 180mm Trucks

-Spaceball Bearings

-Wheels may vary due to inventory shortages

This board shape is tapered and is 9.6" at the widest point.