Powell Peralta

Old School Ripper | Deck | 10" x 31.25"

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The Powell Peralta Old School Ripper Reissue Deck is just begging to get inside the bowl or cruise around town!

This Powell reissue features the signature K15 deck shape which is considered an upgrade that replaces the K10 concave. You get a double kick nose with deeper, smoother concave and a longer wheelbase. Plus, you get a concave kick on the nose and tail and a scoop tail for a more secure foot placement without feeling trapped. Finally, you get less wheel bite because the steeper concave goes out to the edge of the board.

Arguably the most iconic skateboard graphic of all time, “The Ripper” was illustrated in 1983 by legendary Powell-Peralta artist V.C. Johnson. Originally, the graphic appeared as a “Bones Sold Here” dealer window sticker.

Later, the artwork made it’s way on to t-shirts, and finally decks! The Ripper graphic has stood the test of time and been an inspiration to countless artists both within the company and elsewhere.