Cody Gallant

Rider Bio

Cody Gallant is Winnipeg skater born in ’93. You can typically find him at Fort Garry Skatepark ripping his favorite park religiously on some greasy loose ass trucks. He’s been shredding since his jr. high years and is a force to be reckoned with. Cody’s first encounter with the Scam Artists happened when he was slanging wheels at another local skate shop in Winnipeg. They were looking for some wheels to rip the mini ramp, and Cody became curious. After a short conversation, Cody had the Scam Artist’s number, and showed up at the Scam Lab shortly after. He immediately impressed everyone, and worked his way onto the team in a matter of weeks. He continually improves, always repping Scam Skate, and practices in the Scam Mini all winter. “I’m pretty hyped to be a part of Scam, probably half my tranny tricks have been learned and locked down in the mini.” He loves the geometry of the mini ramp in the Lab “it’s all about the geo” and is proud to represent the local brand. “It’s sick to have a board that I can shred and be proud of.” Cody is an asset to the team and a Lab legend.