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Sustainable Forestry

We respect the environment and seek to adopt and implement environmentally sound policies in our internal operations at Scam Skate. Our maple supplier has a history of responsible management of its wood resources and promotes the use of certified wood products from well-managed forests. The wood industry is a leader in the initiative to use environmentally sustainable products. We are committed to this effort in support of our customer’s requirements for LEED and FSC ® certified products. Our maple has earned FSC (Forest Stewardship Council™ FSC-C041275) Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood certification under the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Forest Conservation Program. By choosing Scam Skate, you are supporting sustainable forestry.

Product Info

We Scam Artists are proud of our work. It is our policy to ensure that all boards that leave our door are of the highest quality. That is why we use 100% hand-inspected hardrock CANADIAN maple in all of our decks. The majority of our boards are CNC cut, ensuring accuracy down to fractions of a millimeter. Our boards are pressed between machined forms for 12 hours each, guaranteeing a perfect bond between veneers and an in-press cure (Many companies remove boards from the press once the adhesive has set, and let it cure without pressure). We pride ourselves in keeping customers happy, contact us if you experience any trouble with your board and we'll do our best to help you out.

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