Custom Laser Etched Longboards by Scam Skate!

Swallow Kicktail


Rounded Cut-out

Drop Through

Cut-out (No Drop)


Custom Board Guidelines

IMAGE FORMAT: Your graphic must be a JPG, GIF, or PNG. No other file formats are supported.

RESOLUTION: Submit a large, high-quality file (preferably 300 dpi) to avoid pixilation when we size it.

BLACK AND WHITE: Submit a graphic that is black and white, like the example above. Color, sepia, and grey-scale are not recommended.

PRICING: Note that prices are proportionate to the size of the engraving (Full-board graphics are more expensive than small graphics)

CUSTOM GRIP: Only submit a file for custom grip tape if you have selected "custom grip tape" in the field above. Your grip tape file must be a black and white image showing black where you would like grip tape and white where you would like to see the wood grain. Scam Skate grip cuts are extremely accurate. Look at some of our examples to get an idea of what is possible, you will be asked to revise if your submission is too intricate.

INSTRUCTIONS: Explain details of how you would like it done. Include things like the size and location of the artwork. Our graphic artist will follow these guidelines when creating your mock-up.

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